Seraphim Classics

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much is this Seraphim Classics Angel worth?>>?

I have a Rosanna(Gift of Love) Seraphim Classics Angel that is unpainted and is signed on the bottom. My husband got it from the manager of a Roman Inc store that was closing(he used to work there) and he was wondering how much it would be worth(just curious).

It also has a sticker on the bottom that says it's a sample and has the SKU #(78438) and the date it was made(2005-10-18).

I have pics if you need to see them!
There is nothing like it. I found the angel already painted, but no one sells the unpainted, signed ones. :

Best Answer...


Look for something similar at a antique store or on ebay. It is difficult to tell how much it is worth with the information you gave.

Good Luck