Ornament Figure

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What do you and used to collect, and how many have you got of the collection?

I used to collect charity badges and Beano comics and annuals I've got about 30 annuals and over 400 comics and I've got about 20 badges.
I now collect indian types of things like dream catchers wolf ornaments, figures, indian figures, piece pipes head dresses posters etc I've got about 20 Indian things so far.
And I collect rocks I've got allot I don't know how many, and I collect angels I've got about 10.
I would rather have a train crash of vocabulary that a train crash of manners like you. Everyone else seemed to understand my question it looks like you were just picking fault.

Best Answer...


i collect rubber ducks and i have got close too 100 of them, and i also collect stuffed animals and i am not sure how many of them i have i know i got a ton though! oh and also, i used too collect tinkerbell stuff, but there was alittle girl who loved tinkerbell and her mom and dad didnt have alot of money so i gave it too the little girl for xmas last year!