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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are some gift ideas for Mother's Day?

I HATE SHOPPING!! I had to do my best today though and ended up buying a card, candle set, chocolate, keychain, 5 packs of flower seeds, mirrored sign that says love, nailpolish, body spray and lotion. Think thats nice? I didn't want to get flowers because they die...hope its thoughtful enough! Thanks for your imput and suggestions :o )

Best Answer...


As a Mum myself I would have to say that the best gifts I have been given by my kids were NOT the bought ones (though your gifts sound lovely)

My Best gifts were:

1. either the ones they had spent time and effort making (breakfast in bed, cleaning my house while I was out, making me a flower garden etc)

2. The ones that meant we made memories together (a day on the beach with a picnic, going rollerskating together - that was so funny and we had a ball!, having a "dress up dinner" - they cooked and we all dressed up in our best clothes it was fantastic!) Dont forget lots of photos and have the best one framed for your mum.....

these are the best presents a mum could get.