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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do track my EMS letter or parcel post from Vietnam?

My mom sent me an importance document from Vietnam at last Friday , It's her Thai book bank and her copied ID card.She sent me via EMS and It was 4 days ago i concerned its be loss.

How can I track its like Thailand post (Track & Trace) ?

I'm so serious about that ? I gotta use its for my J-1 Visa Interview and I serioused if its lost someone can use its for do illegal !!!


Sorry for my poor Englist !

Best Answer...


If your Mom has a tracking number for the letter, then you can try the EMS Vietnam Website at:

The ability to track EMS parcels through Vietnam may depend on where you Mom sent the letter from. One of my packages to my wife while she was in Ha Noi, Vietnam was lost for months at a post office on the other side of town, while another parcel sent to her while in HCMC go there without issue.

Good luck to you!