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Message to Supporters and Friends,

All of the votes have been tallied, and I have been re-elected to a second term as a commissioner on the San Francisco Board of Education. It was a challenging campaign, but we emerged victorious. But we could not have done it without the grassroots work of our wonderful volunteers, supporters and donors!

Thank you, and see you all in the new year!

Gold Coin Collecting - Getting Started With A Great Hobby

Collectors Guild

The sheer beauty of gold has seen gold being used by ancient civilizations long before historical records were ever kept. Long before historical records were even kept, ancient civilizations were fascinated with the beauty of gold, but as far as historians have been able to determine, it was around 610 BC when gold was first used for coinage. While many collectors focus primarily on Roman coins, gold coins have played a significant role in the history of just about every culture.

While some collectors do favor Roman coins, most hobbyists tend to collect gold coins based on other criteria, rather than on where the coins come from. For example, the American Gold Eagle, the South African Kruger Rand, and the British Gold Sovereign are still commonly bought by collectors. Other countries producing collectable gold coin to this day include the likes of Australia, Canada, and China.

Despite the fact that major speculators generally center on today's gold coins, amateurs and also bona fide numismatists like to accumulate gold coins which happen to have ancient importance besides economic importance. Of course, logging onto the internet so that you can buy the latest South African Kruger Rand, which can then be shipped to your front door with a courier service, is definitely nowhere near as exhilarating as it is once you get your hands on an early Roman gold coin. You never know, possibly that gold coin used to be in the possession of a real Roman gladiator?

A huge number of coins are also retrieved from the depths of the seas, and what is more thrilling than getting hold of a real gold coin that has been retrieved from an actual sunken galleon, or even a gold coin which was at one time the stolen prize of cutthroat buccaneers? There's simply no questioning this - obtaining historic coins is actually one of the most intriguing pastimes around, not forgetting the reality that it can be very satisfying from a monetary perspective.

Despite the fact that there's cash to be made, acquiring coins isn't likely to actually allow you to wealthy. Almost all sincere hobbyists accumulate rare gold coins for reasons beyond profit. In their eyes, getting medieval gold coins is undoubtedly a financial commitment, nevertheless it's a fairly neutral investment. They purchase these types of gold coins mainly because they have a sincere adoration for the interest in which they're involved in. When your ideas are generally fixed on earnings, investing in gold stocks or even in gold bullion will be a considerably wiser option.

Besides, if you're in the beginning stages, then you most definitely won't truly know which coins tend to be the rarest, and of course it's the incredibly rare coins which actually are the most desirable. Novices have to be aware that coins frequently are more expensive compared to what specific gold content is actually worth. For instance, even a fairly basic gold coin weighing a 1/4 of an ounce, will probably cost a lot more compared to what you'd spend in the event you purchased the same weight of gold at a gold supplier.

Lots who are generally completely new to gold coin collecting begin their particular collections by means of relatively modern coins that may frequently be purchased from a number of banks. In case you'd rather commence the collection with old coins, remember - the fact that a person's gold coin was initially at one point reclaimed from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean doesn't by default suggest it's hugely sought after. Having said that, merely having it, plus getting the chance to grip it in both your hands can be awesome enough, thus making your new buy rewarding.

Lastly but not least, the potential to scam some unsuspecting newcomer has inevitably attracted a few scam artists, so those new to the hobby should be particularly careful in choosing who to buy coins from. Sure, certain online auctions may seem attractive, but to be on the safe side, it's always best to only buy coins from a collector who is a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild, often simply referred to as the PNG.

Gold eagle coins are some of the most popular gold coins and is a fun way to get started with US gold coins.If you're ready to get started with gold learn more about gold coin collecting .

Gentle Giant: What Do You Want ForThe 2012 PGM Gift? (Cool Toy Review)

Gentle Giant is asking collectors what they'd like to see as a 2012 Premier
Guild Gift. While we're certain everyone wants it to be an Alpha Flight Puck
statue, and hey, we want the exact same thing, so follow this link to let them
know that its a Puck statue for the win!

Cool Toy Review


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The Art Collectors Guild presents Brueghel: Winterlandscap

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PICTURE OF WILD STALLION #86/275 SIGNED HGI ? all black & oranges &red. Signed & numbered in pencil .Societe de Verification de la NouveleGravure .The Collectors Guild Ltd.

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You could ask in the Art category. No one here seems to know. You have to watch the automatic category picker like a hawk or it will lead you astray.

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